Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS

Attorney at Law, Paris Bar

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Panellist before OMPI, ADNDRC, NAF, and the CAC, Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS renders, on average, one decision a month, please click here.

  • Legal expertise: Intellectual Property (Domain name and trademark Law, Copyright, Design and Model Law, geographical indications protection…), unfair competition, information technology Law (fight against counterfeiting) and Digital Law
  • Countries: France, Europe, international
  • Languages: French, English, German

Marie-Emmanuelle Haas was interviewed by the INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Indusrielle) to share her views on trademark Law in the digital environment: « La marque dans l’économie numérique : protection et usages »

She collaborates with the Law firm Marcuria, which is specialised in Intellectual Property

Marie-Emmanuelle’s extensive knowledge enables her to have a 360 vision of the situation whether that is providing advice, pre-litigation or litigation in the projects that she works with, she has a proven track record of expertise that has been acquired through different complementary activities and the following fields:

Practice dedicated to the Internet and to Intellectual property

Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS launched her own firm in 2014.

She has worked as a lawyer both advising and implementing IP law protection strategies as well as managing pre-litigation and litigation in firms specialising in Intellectual property/NTIC:

  • ALAIN BENSOUSSAN Lawyers (1994 to 2007), director of the trademarks and domain names department
  • CASALONGA LAWYERS (May 2007 to 2013)

– Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS was elected member of the board of EURid (registry of the .eu country code top-level domains), in May 2018, and was reelected in May 2022 for a four-year term.

– Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been recognized by the French magazine Décideurs as having a reputable practice in the “Industrial Property – Trademarks Litigation” category.

-Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been selected again as an expert by AFNIC (registry of the .fr country code top-level domain) for the PARL Expert procedure for another three years, as of May 2022.

– Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been recognized as a “recommended expert” in Intellectual Property in France by the renowned international legal directory World Trademark review (WTR 1000), each year as of 2017. WTR 1000 2022: « Marie-Emmanuelle Haas, founder and head honcho of ME HAAS, is a leading light on all things Internet, having specialised in the area since as early as the 1990s. She is an arbitrator for IP disputes at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and a panellist for the resolution of domain name disputes before various bodies, including WIPO, rendering on average one decision every month. Clients say she is “a pleasure to work with, takes matters seriously and never misses deadlines”.

–  WTR 1000 2021: “Marie-Emmanuelle Haas is a great adviser and very strong litigator with deep IP expertise. Her fees are reasonable and she is internationally minded, speaking several languages fluently. She is responsive, highly ethical and confident, yet protective of her clients’ interests.”

WTR 1000 2020: « Marie-Emmanuelle Haas is a true pioneer of French domain name law, with an unparalleled ability to identify, monitor and tackle online infringers.»

WTR 1000 2019: « Marie-Emmanuelle Haas is one of the top authorities in France when it comes to alternative dispute resolution and domain names. She is brilliant at defining strategy when you have a serious conflict and her advice is easily actionable. She has excellent language skills and an outstanding international network

– She has been recognized as a “recommended expert” in Intellectual Property in France by the same review in 2018: « It’s rare to find lawyers who are as impressive on the advisory side as they are on the enforcement side but Marie-Emmanuelle Haas of ME HAAS is. Her track record in the courtroom is incredible. She’s a true expert when it comes to internet issues, especially those related to domain names; her knowledge in that area is indisputable. Clients love her because she familiarises herself effectively with their priorities and provides pragmatic solutions that work for them; also, although she’s always humble and respectful, she isn’t afraid to be strong in recommending something when she believes it would be in her client’s best interests. That’s something to be valued. Finally, she’s truly international in her outlook and fluent in English and German ».

– In 2017, WTR 1000 2017 described her as « A true domain-name dynamo. She has an impressive alternative dispute resolution toolbox at her disposal ».

International Experience

Marie Emmanuelle HAAS has a proven track record of working internationally and especially in Germany

  • Member of the board of EUrid (registry of the .eu country code top-level domains), elected in May 2018 and reelected in May 2020 for a four-year term.
  • Arbitrator for Intellectual Property disputes at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC), as of September 2016
  • Independent member of EURid Strategic Committee, elected in June 2016 (registry of the .eu country code top-level domains)
  • Chair of the ECTA’s Internet committee European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) from February 2013 until June 2016.
    Among our achievements:
    ECTA submitted comments to ICANN on its Preliminary Issue Report on a Policy Development process to review all Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in all generic Top-Level domains (com, net, org… and all new TLDs).
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  • Member of the IPC (Intellectual Property Constituency) of ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organizations, representing ECTA, from February 2013 until June 2016
  • Articles featured in GRUR INT of the Max Planck Institute (MPl)
  • Collaboration with two German lawyer firms: Storp & Bachmann in Munich (1990/1991) translating contracts, company law, and consultations and then At Wenner, a Franco-German firm (1991-1992) advice and litigation for the German
  • One year’s research with a grant working at the Max Planck institute (MPI) in Munich (1989/1990) researching on the burden of proof in software litigation in French Law, with a published article in Grur Int, member of the Alumni association

Panellist for domain name disputes

Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS is a panellist for domain name disputes before the following resolution service providers:

Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS was again designated as an Expert before WIPO, for a new term of 3 years, as of May 2022, in relation with the PARL EXPERT alternative dispute resolution process that applies to .FR domain names.

Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been selected again to be an expert for UDRP disputes on trademarks and domain names, before ADNDRC (Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre), in Hong Kong.

She renders, on average, one decision a month.

Active participation in professional associations and working groups

Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS is an active participant in numerous professional associations and working groups both nationally and internationally.

  • Chair of the arbitration and alternative dispute resolution proceedings committee of the French Association of Practitioners and Design Trademark Law (APRAM), for France, from January 2012 to 2021.
  • Chair of the Internet Committee of the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA): from February 2013 until June 2016
  • Member of the Committee on Geographical indications of the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA): since 2017
  • Member of a French work group in the creation of a standard ISO/PC231 « Brand valuation » and the following International development
  • Member of Cyberlex, « Law and New Technologies Association »
  • University Lecturing

    From 2004/2005 to 2022/2023, Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been a lecturer at the University of Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne where she taught “Internet litigation” in Digital Law at Master’s level.

    In 2019/2020, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023, Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been a lecturer in the Master’s degree in Law – Digital Activities Law at the University of Paris 13 – Sorbonne Paris Nord on “Open data in Judicial Systems”.

    Articles, conferences and training

    Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS has been writing from 1996 numerous articles that have both been published and featured on line.

    • In reference publications (Le Journal du net, RF group)
    • In Law reviews (Propriété industrielle edited by Lexis Nexis, Propriété intellectuelle edited by IRPI…), and since 2009 she has written an annual review on French Law and domain names as well as monthly columns in the Law review Propriété Industrielle since 2007
    • In Professional reviews (L’Usine nouvelle…)
    • In foreign reviews (Grur Int published by the Max Planck Institute)

    She frequently speaks at conferences and gives training courses. She is certified trainer and offers professional training services.


    • Admitted to the Paris Bar (1989)
    • DEA in private business Law (University of Paris (1984)
    • Maîtrise (Masters) in business Law (University of Paris II -1982)
    • Prize winner of the German language speech prize by the prestigious Conference des Batonniers (1991)
    • Licence (BA) in Modern Languages, English and German, University of Paris IV Sorbonne (1979)
    • Diploma from the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce (1978)
    Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS
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