With over fifteen years experience in working with the Internet, Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS developed her expertise within this field and over the years has published numerous articles on domain names, trademarks and the Internet.

She published comments on the first French Courts’ decisions on domain names and has continued to do so ever since. She speaks at conferences and gives training courses on Intellectual Property and Digital Law.

  • Since 2014: she updates once every 2 years « Défendre sa marque » published by La Revue Fiduciaire.
  • Since 2012: creation and update of the practical guide N°1194 « Gérer et protéger efficacement marques et noms de domaine » published by the LexisNexis Group on the website www.lexis360entreprises.fr
  • Since 2009: annual comment of French case law on domain names and trademarks on the internet in the Law review Propriété Industrielle
  • From 2007 to 2013: publication of a monthly alert on .eu litigation, in Industrial Property magazine
  • In 2004: Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS published an article about the first decision on keywords « La Bourse des vols » in Legipresse (n°208, January/February 2004, pp 13)
  • She is a regular contributor in numerous articles in reference publications (Le Journal du net, groupe RF, Propriété Industrielle edited by Lexis Nexis, Proprété Intellectuelle edited by IRPI (Intellectual Property Research Institute) …) as well as professional magazines (L’Usine nouvelle, Expertises…) either on line or in publications such as, for example, an article on the origins of the UDRP procedure, published on www.domainesinfo.fr in 2009 or another entitled « New TLD’s: a threat or an opportunity? » about new TLD’s, published in 2011 on www.country-index.com, edited by the German company S.M.D Markeur
  • April 1998: Marie-Emmanuelle HAAS published « La jurisprudence française sur les conflits entre noms de domaine et marques » (French jurisprudence in domain name and trademark disputes), the first ever article that summarised the situation at the time concerning domain names (Gazette du Palais, Gazette du droit des technologies avancées, 19-21 April 1998 pp.30)